Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is very strong indeed

Within the load limit shown on the products manual

It varies from surface to surface on which its fit

The product is based on vacuum principle: Air enters; Falls off

Recommended to take off after 3 months ; Clean the suction pad surface and the surface to fix on ;
Dry the surface and fix it back

FECA through its superior R&D and its patented design is waterproof, heat resistant and be used on even rough surfaces of 0.4mm which other commercially available products cannot.

Other products are made of PVC. They stick when there is some water and after water evaporates, it falls.

FECA products are made of superior rubber pads which don’t require any water to stick and the suction power is better!

To channel the suction pressure and average the force

The suction cups on both sides are parallel

Both suction cups should be completely fixed before use

No it is not recommended to use for safety reasons.

Depending on use and maintenance, 3 to 5 years for indoor use. For outdoor use, 1 to 2 years

Rubber pad is a consumable; Replacement is not easy; It is not serviceable

For loyal customers, recommended to provide heavy discount on replacement after few years of use.

Non Breathable surfaces such as: Stainless Steel, glass, plastic. Non Breathable building materials such as: tiles, marble, granite, laminated wood, transparent and impermeable paint.

YES: On rough surfaces of 0.4mm or less on a non breathable surface

Suction will not work on tile seam

Glazed and nonporous non breathable tiles

Suction does not work on breathable surface or porous surface

NO, when used in proper load range as recommended.

The superior plating process of the product ensures that there is no peeling.

Do not use steel brush, acid or chemical to clean

The plated surface is ABS, like plastic. It does not rust. 304 stainless steel and zinc alloy material, will not rust.

The products can withstand upto 70*C

If heated beyond the limit, it will produce toxic substance.

To avoid the water and cleaning liquid from flowing out

FECA uses 304 grade stainless steel which is anti-rust, anti-corrosion, no worries. (Stainless steel standard content: Chromium 18%, Nickel 8%)

304 grade stainless steel is non-magnetic.

The processing of the products, will produce micro-magnetism which is normal

For any manufacturing defect and any non artificial damage, the products carry a warranty of one year

Please bring the purchase invoice and commodity to the original point of purchase. The staff will assess the defect. Fill in the customer response data. The product will be replaced

The product to be got with its original packing and it will be exchanged 1:1